16 Great Square Slices in NYC

When we think of New York pizza, we often envision a pointy-tipped classic slice. Or when we think about the city's newer pizzerias, increasingly, we're dealing with a Neapolitan or neo-Neapolitan pie. But there's no end of great square slices in the city—from puffy Sicilian to thinner, garlicky grandma slices to newer innovations like pickled vegetable pizza.

Here are 16 of our favorite square slices in the city. What's your favorite?

The List

Adrienne's Pizzabar »
L & B Spumoni Gardens »
Pizza Cotta Bene »
Artichoke Basille »
NY Pizza Suprema »
Famous Ben's of Soho »
Best Pizza's Pickled Vegetable Pie »
Di Fara Pizza »
Prince Street Pizza »
Rose and Joe's Italian Bakery »
Antika Pizzeria »
Valentino's Pizza »
Tony's Pizza »
Grandaisy Bakery »
Nonna's Lower East Side Pizzeria »
LoDuca »

—intel from Adam Kuban, Meredith Smith, Carey Jones, J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, Nick Solares, Michael Berman, Lance Roberts, Caroline Russock