Daily Slice: Seitan Meats Jesus at Pizzanista, Los Angeles

Slice: Los Angeles

Pizza reviews in the Los Angeles area.

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[Photographs: Kelly Bone]

I fell for Pizzanista at first bite. Spending an afternoon with owners Price Latimer Agah and Salman Agah for Top This was one of the most enjoyable posts I've done for Slice. So when I saw Pizzanista was participating in Vegan Pizza Day, they were the only place I was interested in visiting.

For the occasion they reworked their infamous Meat Jesus into the feisty Seitan Meats Jesus ($4). They topped their sourdough NYC-style crust with raw tomato sauce and daiya cheese then added vegan Italian sausage, pepperoni, and bacon by Upton's Naturals.

The crust is fantastic, though notably less sourdoughy than previous trips. The underside is crisp from end to tip and finished with a grand swell of tender cornicione. The salty, fennel specked seitan sausage is the king of the slice. Halfway through I peeled off the dry strips of 'bacon,' preferring the chewy rounds of pepperoni.

If you hate mock meat—and a lot of people out there do—this slice is your nightmare. But for rest of us, this slice is way more heaven then hell.


2019 E 7th St, Los Angeles, CA 90021 (map) 213-627-1430; pizzanista.com