My Pie Monday: Peaches, Cauliflower, Primo Pepperoni and More!

My Pie Monday

Glimpse pizzas made by fellow Slice'rs.

It's My Pie Monday time, gang! Would you ever think that tomato season would find us in a white pie dominated MPM? Garden fresh tomatoes are a great way to switch it up during the summer months in lieu of sauce. Take Norma's cherry tomato and pepperoncini combo (both from her garden), or the fresh tomato topped "Summer Pizza" by amusebouche1. And other peak fruits, like the peaches on Greg Protocol's peach and prosciutto pie, get some time to shine. The garlic parsley cream sauce on Dynosaurus' grilled pea and potato pizza also makes a good case for skipping the red sauce. As does the garlic, oil, chile and anchovy flavors that round out TXCraig1's cauliflower topped pie. Going white seemed like a wise decision for Imwalkin this week, since the results produced the "Best White Pie Ever"! And Bierebeer takes the white pie in a less conventional, but intriguing, herb direction with the use of in addition to chives and garlic.

In the red camp we have a "Primo Pepperoni" from dmcavanagh who has discovered some top notch pizza meat, and a nice and spicy sausage pie from atmast, that includes a little Aleppo 'for good measure'. Daniel Hershman-Rossi also joins the line-up this week with a broccoli, fried almond, and shredded carrot number that works fish sauce into the mix!

It's easy to get your pie included in next week's slideshow. Just take one picture of a pie you made recently, describe your cooking method (in 80 words or less), and follow these instructions to get it to us by 8pm (EST) Thursday. Be sure to let us know your Slice screen name.

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