Poll: Do You Grow a Pizza Garden?


Pizza vox populi.


My 2012 pizza garden. [Photograph: Meredith Smith]

It starts out innocent enough, grabbing slices with some friends. But then you find yourself going out for pizza solo, even eating at more than one place back to back. Before you know it, you're making pizzas at home. Eventually, you find yourself weighing out your ingredients like some kind of mad scientist pizza fiend on a quest to perfecting your dough. And then, you get down and dirty and start making space in your yard to feed your obsession. (No, I'm not talking about an oven, though selling off the car for the oven fund might not be the worst idea.) I'm talking about rows of Romas, patches of basil and oregano, and bulbs of garlic and onion where there was once a lawn.

Love for pizza can breed all sorts of obsessive behaviors, though none without their rewards. Nursing tomato seedlings up into fruit producing plants involves a summer full of watering and fertilizing, but all that effort pays off in a big way. Have you taken your obsession to the gardening level?