Poll: Prosciutto on Pizza, Way or No Way?


Pizza vox populi.


Keste pie [Photograph: Robyn Lee]

Can you really ever go wrong with cured meats on pizza? Prosciutto may be a special case. There are few factors that can make this meat a deal breaker for a lot of folks. First off, the thinness of the slice can really make a difference. Too thick and your teeth will pull the the slice of meat off in one sheet. And then there is the time at which it gets applied to the pie. Is it the chewy, pliant pull of prosciutto that makes it so appealing? If it goes on with the other toppings for a full heat blast the flavor and texture morph into something else. Or maybe that's what sets it apart; crisped, curled edges of rendered, salty pork.

Do you take prosciutto on your pizza in any form? If not, name your caveat.