Cinnabon Rolls Out the Pizzabon


[Photograph: AJCFOODandMore]

If things go well at the Cinnabon "test kitchen" outlet located in the Atlanta Cumberland Mall, choosing how to refuel (the eternal question: pizza or Cinnabon?) will be one less mall time detail to sweat. Cinnabon is expanding their product line and finally giving mall goers the food court solution they seekā€”The Pizzabon! For now, the product is only being previewed in the one location, along with some new bakery items and breakfast sandwiches.

This savory incarnation of the classic Cinnabon is pretty straightforward. Cheese, pepperoni and sauce top the bun base (it's cinnamon free, phew!). The Atlanta Journal-Constitution lead restaurant critic, John Kessler, broke the story and had a good run of tweets on the subject:


In his article, Kessler reports the company's thinking behind the new menu additions as enumerated by Cinnabon president, Kat Cole:

Because the chain's food is often regarded as a treat, there are lulls in business during the day when customers go to other restaurants for lunch or dinner. Broadening the menu with sandwiches attracts customers who want both, she said. "We are looking at how we can responsibly fill that void," Cole said.

Maybe there's a tag line there: Pizzabons, the responsible way to fill the void.

Hey, Adam. Now that you've warmed with the Pizzarito and pizza monkey bread, maybe we could get a recipe on Slice for "bringing the Pizzabon home".

[Via: Eater Atlanta]