The Domino's Makeover


[Photo: Domino's New Zealand Facebook]

The Domino's transformation continues. In keeping with the company's evolution into "artisanal" pizza making, the facade will now match, well, the facade. Moving beyond the delivery driven chain concept, Domino's is creating "Pizza Theaters" where the artist are the pizza makers. (It does seem to be a growing industry wide trend to make pizza assembly front and center.) That's not to say that Domino's is going to suddenly be a dine-in restaurant. The LA Times reports that:

Domino's eateries will begin to incorporate comfortable lobby areas as well as ordering kiosks and boards that track to-go orders electronically. Customers will be able to draw or leave feedback on chalk boards placed around the stores, which may also feature big-screen televisions.


The logo is also getting a facelift. This one is lifted from the Domino's New Zealand Facebook page. An article in AdvertisingAge points out that in the U.S. the text will not always appear, but when it does, "pizza" will no longer be part of the equation. The chief marketing officer attributes the decision to switch from "Domino's Pizza" to just "Domino's" to the restaurant's menu incorporating so many other dough based items like cheesy sticks, bread bites, bread sticks, cinnamon bread sticks, etc. beyond pizza. (That rings a bell.)

[Via: LA Times]