What Is NYC's Best Pizza Neighborhood?

Slice: New York

Pizza reviews in NYC.

[Photo: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt]

Certain areas of New York City are fantastic for different foods: we've anointed the West Village our best ice cream neighborhood, for instance. But what is the city's best pizza neighborhood?

You definitely have to give the East Village a nod as a contender, between Neapolitan greats Motorino and Luzzo's, cult favorites like Artichoke, and by-the-slice spots like South Brooklyn Pizza. But between Joe's, John's, Bleecker Street, and Keste, it's hard to ignore the West Village either. Williamsburg is coming up strong, between Best Pizza and Forcella, and if you cheat a little bit, Paulie Gee's. A big expanse of Southern Brooklyn is prime pizza territory—DiFara, Totonno's, L&B—but not exactly all in one neighborhood. And then, what about somewhere a little less expected, like Astoria—coal-oven like Sac's Place, Neapolitan at Basil Brick Oven, Rizzo's Fine Pizza, Rose & Joe's Italian Bakery, Michael Angelo's II...

What do you think is NYC's best pizza neighborhood, and why? (We forsee a number of pizza crawls in our future...)