Passing of the Peel: Kesté Has a New Pizzaiola

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Pizza reviews in NYC.


[Photograph: Screenshot from video by Jessica Leibowitz]

Captured in the Twitter feed of editor emeritus Adam Kuban is the big pizza news that Roberto Caporuscio over at Kesté on Bleecker Street has turned over the pizza making responsibilities to his daughter Giorgia. The news come from who reports on Georgia's path to becoming a pizzaiola worthy of taking over one of New York's finest Neapolitan pizzerias:

Two years ago, after obtaining a travel and tourism degree, Giorgia came to the United States to study English, but inspired by her father's passion for the restaurant world and especially for pizza-making, she asked him if he would teach her the skill. And teach her he did!

For eight months she studied under his expert guidance, before returning to her native Italy. She then told her father that she would like to help him run Kesté, but before Roberto gave her the green light to mange an already renown business, he decided to send her to Florida to help out in opening a Neapolitan Pizzeria Scuola Vecchia in Delrey Beach.

Her trial period was far from over, as she then had to complete a long training internship in Pizzeria Materdei in Naples, under the supervision of pizza-making guru Antonio Starita, Roberto's partner and teacher.

In January of this year Roberto finally decided that his daughter was well prepared and ready to face the New York restaurant scene and brought her to the United States. It is with her help that Don Antonio by Starita has been opened and became an immediate hit among restaurant goers.

This all comes in the wake of the restaurant's interior and menu renovation. With the new family talent helming the oven, there's a lot of reasons for lovers of great Neapolitan pizza to get a trip to the new Kesté on their calendar.

Watch Georgia in Action

Video produced by Jessica Leibowitz with narration and interview by Adam Kuban.