Pizza Is...


napkins and greaseThe slap of the dough on the table More than the words on a label Tomato sauce, cheese
Napkins and grease A whole pie or more if you're able

the crackle of wood in the ovenThe crackle of wood in the oven Worth all the pushin' and shovin A peel and a stone A craft you must hone
A subject of awe and of lovin'

the fiery glowHydration, percentages, yeast A snack or a meal or a feast To stay or to go The fiery glow Of the fuel in a coal-burning beast

Stefano FerraraUPN, VPN, DOC
San Marzanos from ol' Italy
Stefano Ferrara A great marinara
Soppressata and pepperoni

the last piece that's left on the trayDi Fara, Bianco, and Ray's
The last piece that's left on the tray Who's gonna take it? Me! I just ate it! (It was going to waste anyway!)

2012105-stanza-06.jpgThe question of how much to order
Bloggers with notes and recorders Tense topping debates Best divided by eight An obsession that crosses all borders.