Poll: Which Alternative Pizza Crusts Have You Tried and Liked?


Pizza vox populi.


A whole wheat pie (left) and regular pie (right) from Oliveto in Oakland. [Photograph: David Kover]

Say "whole wheat pizza" and all sorts of damning descriptors flood the mind. Gluten-free fares no better. Among everyday pizza-loving civilians, I'd hazard a guess that alternative pizza crusts are not much loved. However, the trouble is more likely that too often grains get misused by those more interested in the "health benefits" of non-white wheats and grains than in how to work them into the dough properly. The use of a little rye or wheat certainly has the potential to produce a really interesting crust and not just a dense, leaden sad puck. My question to you is: What alternative pizza crusts have you tried and liked? If some really memorable ones come to mind, tell us about it in the comments!

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