Poll: Which Pizza Substitution Is Least Horrifying?


Pizza vox populi.


[Image: Meredith Smith]

Between the Frankenstorm and Halloween, it's hard not to be in a "worst-case scenario" frame of mind. Did you know that Halloween is one of the busiest days of the year for pizza delivery? It's true. Along with Thanksgiving Eve and Super Bowl Sunday. But with most of the East Coast hunkered down, those deliveries may take a dive in favor of homemade pies. So that got me thinking about a pizza state of emergency. Suspend disbelief for a moment, Slice'rs, and let's play a little game of "would you rather." (You may remember this from grade school when you tried to gross out your friends by making them choose between what you deemed to be two equally undesirable scenarios: would you rather eat a scab or lick someone's arm pit?)

Imagine you are making pizza at home and you have to use at least one of these substitutes: a store-bought pizza shell, a non-dairy cheese substitute, or jarred tomato sauce. I even provided a cop out answer—frozen pizza. Making a cheeseless pizza or doctoring the sauce is NOT an option. That goes against the spirit of the game. Which of these choices do you find the least horrifying?