Science Tackles Pizza Mouth Burn


No Robyns were hurt or burned in taking this picture.

20121024-pizza-burn-poll.jpgFew have enjoyed pizza without getting burned. In those couple of moments that make the difference between a blistered and unmarred palette, the need for pizza can defy reason. The roof of the mouth is most susceptible, but despite searing the tender flesh time and time again, we are all, undoubtedly, repeat offenders. Until now, most have felt like they had to just grin and bear it according to our 2011 Slice poll (results right). But according to a report from NBC, an associate professor of pharmaceutical science from the University of New Mexico has created a dissolvable strip to soothe the burn. The prototype he has created was inspired by breath freshening strips and contains a topical anesthetic, benzocaine. The intro flavor is mango, but when these babies are available over-the-counter in a couple of years, there may be some pizza-friendly flavors in the mix. Until the day comes when we can burn and strip, practice letting that slice sit.