Slice Out Hunger: T-Minus 24 Hours


[Photograph: Scott Wiener]

The fourth annual Slice Out Hunger event is only 24 hours away! Just think, come 6 PM tomorrow you could be diving into over 473 boxes of the city's select slices from pizza greats like: Lombardi's, Keste, NY Pizza Suprema, John's, Joe's, Di Fara, Luzzo's, Tosca, Rubirosa, Sottocasa, Don Antonio and more. All five boroughs are represented in the lineup of 33 pizzerias. Tickets sold at the door for a dollar a pop will get you a slice, a Fizzy Lizzy soda, or a raffle ticket for some killer prizes including: a pizza party for 8 by our own Adam Kuban, signed copies of Ed Evine's A Slice of Heaven, tours with Scott's Pizza Tours in NYC, and Chicago Pizza Tours, pizza classes at Pizza a Casa, DoughMate artisan dough proofing trays, pizza shirts, pizza art, a spiffy pizza hot bag for delivery—the list goes on. Best of all, it's all for a good cause. The proceeds from this event will go to City Harvest. Not only that, for every dollar and Scott's Pizza Tours will match a dollar. That means each dollar slice sold translates into12 pounds of rescued food! As if you needed any more incentive than that, all attendees will be able to download a pizza finder app from Real Pizza of New York, for free! The event will be held in St. Anthony's Church at 154 Sullivan Street (map) and will run until the last slice is served.

Check out the event website here.