8 Pizzas That Haunt My Dreams, 2012

The short version: This is a roster of 8 pizzas and/or slices that I have eaten in 2012 that I still crave weeks, sometimes months after the fact. Take a spin through the slides above for the rundown. I've done this every year since 2009.

The Long Version, aka The How's of the Hauntings


I'm probably an idiot for even hoping that the following methodology will stave off inevitable comments along the lines of "WTF, Johnny Jumbo's* isn't on here; your list is crap," but I'm going to try. I'll use some past comments as jumping-off points.


"You have eight pizzas and not one is from Brooklyn. Shame on you! Brooklyn has THE BEST pizza and there are so many places you had to pick from."

The list should probably be titled "Best New-to-Me Pizzas I Have Eaten in 2012," but that's not very punchy. I try to limit the list to new pizza experiences I've had in the previous year that really made an impression. Therefore, a lot of old or longtime favorites often don't make the list. Chances are, those places are written up on Slice ad nauseam as it is.


"You're missing a transcendently great pizza—DiLorenzo's in Trenton, NJ. Best in the US and an extremely close second to Il Pizzaiolo del Presidente on Via Tribunali in Naples Italy."

I actually love these types of comments, because I can add these suggestions to my To Try List if they're not already on there. The fact of the matter, though, is that I live in NYC and haven't traveled much this year (as Pick No. 7 explains), so the 2012 roster has a fairly narrow geographic range.


"Impressive that one of your demons is a pie you haven't even tried yet...."

At some point I started putting one wildcard in there—one pizza I haven't eaten but whose picture looked do dang good it haunted my dreams nonetheless. I like to think it gives me something to shoot for. That tradition holds this year.


"Only 8? A top 8? This man requests two more photos of pizza pron."

For a long time, 8 was the magic number on Slice, since there are 8 slices in a pie. Well, in a New York–style pie, anyway. I still do my lists in 8s as a result.

Now, here's a question I have for YOU. What were YOUR top pizza experiences of 2012?