Poll: What's Your Approach to Topping Homemade Pizzas?


Pizza vox populi.


Top left: RosaAleppo by Imwalkin, top right: Margherita by TXCraig1, bottom left: Buddy clone by Norma427, bottom right: Fiddlehead pie by BKMatt [Photo Composite: Meredith Smith]

How would you classify your style when it comes to making pizza at home? Are you more of a naturalist, taking your topping cues from whatever is of the season? Or are you always seeking to push the boundaries, trying new techniques and unusual combos? Do you prefer to take the time to master the basics and just focus on classics, or do you find comfort in sticking to the tried and true? Or does homemade pizza simply represent a practical and delicious way to clean out the fridge?