Poll: Buffalo Chicken Pizza, Way or No Way?


Pizza vox populi.


[Photograph: Meredith Smith]

Two things inspire today's poll. 1. We are entering the week leading up to one of the most pizza-eatingest days of the year—Super Bowl Sunday! And what in the snacking pantheon better represents the two most prevalent Super Bowl foods than the union of Buffalo chicken and pizza? 2. After re-visiting one of Boston's oldest and most famous pizzerias last week, and spotting a sign announcing that they now serve Buffalo chicken pizza, I've realized the hold that this topping has taken. It's been around in chains and is served in most college town pizzerias, but seeing it prominently advertised in an old guard pizzeria was striking... and telling. Heck, we've even seen it show up on an all Neapolitan menu.

Many voices from the pizza community are offended by the very idea of this pizza. And yet, it clearly has its fans. In his "In Defense of Buffalo Chicken Pizza" post, our own Max Falkowitz advocated for the topping pointing out, "there's textural contrast, sharp balanced heat, and enough distance from your average pizza that you could almost consider it as a separate food group. There's something daring and brazen about it, a gonzo bastardized pizza that's just so wrong it's right." So where do you stand on the topic of Buffalo Chicken pizza? Is it total crapola or the best American contribution to pizza since pepperoni?