Survey Reports Pizza Takeout and Delivery Orders Smoke Everything Else on Mobile Devices

Pizza Phone

[Photograph: Hawk Krawl]

We figured pizza was the top pick for takeout and delivery orders in the U.S., but we weren't expecting numbers this high. In a survey conducted by the Interactive Advertising Bureau and Viggle, an interactive service for TV fans, 72% of respondents who use mobile food apps report ordering pizza through mobile web, compared to a mere 31% each for the next two highest categories, burgers/sandwiches and Chinese.

The survey, which pulled from a random sample of of Viggle's 2 million person user base, didn't ask a comparison question for phone orders, and didn't ask about how frequently users ordered each of the foods they reported. But it did report a curious (and slightly frightening) outlier statistic: of the nearly 600 respondents who completed the survey, 2% (about 12 people) reported ordering takeout or delivery every single day. Dayum.

[Via: IAB]