Watch 12 (Mostly) Adorable Animals Eat Pizza


We couldn't leave Hambone and Yuba out of the fun! [Photograph: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt]

It's Valentine's Day! But honestly, who needs a Valentine when there's pizza to be had? Here's a little inspiration from the animal kingdom, because nothing says romance quite like the passionate love affair between (m)animals and pizza. Turns out it really is the universal food!

N.B. We do not officially endorse feeding your pets pizza. Because that's probably not the best idea. That said, if you're going to do it anyway, please send your pictures to [email protected]* Immediately. We want to see them. And put them in a slideshow.

Puppy's Midnight Snack

Chubby Hamsterface

Pot-Bellied Piggy Goes Hog Wild

Happiest Groundhog

Big Pizza, Tiny Duck

Kitty Downs a Slice

Seagull Pizza Party

This Dog Eats an Entire Slice in One Bite. On Command.

Swan is Champion Bandit

Baby Raccoons Win Pizza Lotto

Sneaky, Sneaky Husky

Blind Pigeon Gets Soooo Close