My Thoughts On Grub Street's '101 Awesome American Pies'


The Rosa from Pizzeria Bianco is on there, because, well, duh. [Photo: Robyn Lee]

Today at Grub Street (New York Magazine), Robin Raisfeld and Rob Patronite drop a huge list of "101 Awesome American Pies (and Slices)" compiled by all the editors at Grub Street. Unsurprisingly, Slice'rs will find many of these pies familiar. Unlike many lists, they've gone beyond new-wave pizzerias and the old-guard slice shops to "surprisingly above-par frozen pizza" and what they term "weirdo outré pies," à la Don Antonio's racchetta.

Given the fact that Robin and Rob obviously had to stretch to get to 101 pies, I am still struck by the notable absences (in no particular order): Philly's Tacconelli's, West Haven, Ct.'s Zuppardi's clam pie (this is truly a mind-blowing omission), just about any pie from Modern in New Haven; Varasano's in Atlanta; Maria's Pizza in Milwaukee; Santillo's in Elizabeth, NJ; Dough Pizzeria Napoletana in San Antonio, Texas; Serious Pie and Delancey in Seattle; Picco in Boston; Brick Pizzeria in New Bedford, MA; Pizzeria Picco in Larkspur, CA and its sister restaurant in SF, Zero Zero; Emilia's in Berkeley; Pizzeria Basta in Boulder, CO; Il Pizzaiolo near Pittsburgh; Ken's Artisan Pizza in Portland, Oregon; Bella Mia Coal-Fired Pizza in Cary, NC; Al Forno's grilled pizza in Providence, RI (another unforgivable omission, given they had a separate category for cheffy pizza); Mia's Pizzas in Bethesda, MD; Stop 50 in Michiana Shores, IN; Supino in Detroit; Rubirosa in Manhattan and the pizzeria in Staten Island that spawned it, Joe and Pat's. And while I have only had the excellent bread and seen the pizza, not tasted it myself, there's a strong chance that Ancora in New Orleans should be on that list, too. We're talking 25 places here, basically 25% of the list. I know these lists are compiled to generate controversy, but this one seems particularly sloppily assembled, with no serious discerning pizza lover overseeing its compilation.

Peep the whole list here. What are your thoughts on Grub's list? And what do you think they out?