This Totally Exists: Hot Dog-Encrusted Shrimp Tempura Pizza with Mayonnaise

[Photograph: John Lehman]

Pizza Hut has been blowing up the internet this week. First, their fan-generated Super Bowl HUT HUT HUT commercial turned more than a few heads; then, on Sunday, they announced the release of their latest product: the perplexingly oxymoronic Big Pizza Sliders, which were immediately picked up by everyone from HuffPo and Gothamist, to Eater and the Washington Post.

Yes, we will actually get around to trying these. [Photograph: Pizza Hut]

Now, Boing Boing has posted an utterly fascinating shot of Pizza Hut China's "hotdog encrusted shrimp tempura pizza with mayonnaise," courtesy of Globe and Mail photojournalist John Lehmann. Because someone, somewhere-most-likely-in-China, actually came up with this. And now, people can eat it. Woah.

How many of you, dear Slice'rs, would sink your teeth into this fantastical creation?