Watch Takeru Kobayashi Eat an Entire Pizza in 60 Seconds


[Photograph: Benjamin Ricetto,]

Takeru Kobayashi's legendary stomach earned him a whopping $3,250 last Sunday. Deadspin reports that Dominos booked the champion eater to attend a Super Bowl party, where he was filmed virtually inhaling one of their 12-inch pizzas in exactly one minute.

According to TMZ, his epic meal unofficially breaks his standing world record of 1 minute, 9.36 seconds for consuming a pizza of the same diameter. Ahh, progress.

Kobayashi followed his pizza with another of America's most beloved of traditions: A good old-fashioned, properly belligerent chugging competition! Needless to say, Kobayashi looks less-than-thrilled with the "USA" chanting session that follows.