What's Up in Pizza: Horse Meat Pies, Pizza Crimes, Henry's Kitchen, and More


The good, the bad, and the ugly in pizza this week.

Horseplay This month's uproar over the surfacing of horse meat in various beef products has wormed—or should I say trotted—its way into our favorite food. This Danish butcher is under investigation by local authorities for selling equine-laced meat to local pizzerias, according to Huffington Post.

Recipes Henry Phillips, of Henry's Kitchen just dropped a gluten-free pizza recipe!

Do you desperately need more Henry? Right this way #&187;

Crime Watch Pizza appears to be this week's weapon of choice—not one, but two individuals appear to have been attacked with pies—one frozen, the other nice and warm.

Best Pizza? Both Eater and Travel and Leisure issued national pizza round-ups this week, with controversial rankings drawing some healthy skepticism.

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