Konapun Pizza Video: Watch Adults Make Tiny Inedible Pizzas For No Apparent Reason


I've come to suspect that Konapun is actually the work of masterminds. Can it possibly exist for any other reason than to remind humanity that concepts like "reason" and "rationality" are completely and utterly meaningless? Because honestly, the moment you truly come to terms with the existence of Konapun, the whole world starts to unravel. And I find it riveting.

That, or I'm officially hypnotized from watching too many of these videos:

Pizza Kitchen: Playing with Konapun!

Not into the music? Here's a more low-key take from someone else...

MORE Konapun Pizza!

What are they doing? And why are those hands always the hands of adults. Plural. Many, many adults (currently, YouTube lists 91,000 results for Konapnu videos). Making tiny replicas of food that they can't even eat. Insights, anyone?