What's Up in Pizza: Motorino Hong Kong, Grandma's Pizza Dance, St. Paddy's Day Pies, and More!

Here's what's going on in the grand old world of pizza!


Scott's grandma gets her dance on at Scuola Vecchia, in Delray Beach, FL [Photograph: Scott Wiener]

  • Scott Wiener's 93-year-old grandma does the best pizza dance.
  • The grand opening of Motorino, Hong Kong appears imminent. We announced Motorino's new Hong Kong location back in January. Palombino ran into some oven-related delays, but managed to pull his first pies this past Sunday, according to this The New York Times article. On Wednesday, Eater reported that Motorino's doors are due to open to the public any day now.
  • Forbes tackles serious issues, like Solving the Pizza Crisis in America. I learned some pretty cool facts, like "Americans consume 350 slices of pizza per second." And, "that comes out to more then 3 billion pizzas a year." Then, I got confused. I think the crisis is that people in our country are picky and have a hard time making up their minds and they eat a lot of pizza. Or maybe it's that there isn't enough room for innovation when it comes to pizza? Wait, or there is enough room and some chain pizzerias are doing it better than others, therefore there isn't actually a crisis? Help!
  • St. Paddy's Day Pies, because what can't you celebrate with pizza? If you must, here is a video of how to make Gumby-colored pizza.


[Photograph: bsinthekitchen.com]

*One-time-only creative grammaring for contingency-flexible pluralization of collective possessives, thank you very much.