Poll: Have You Found 'The One'? (Pizza, that is)


Pizza vox populi.


[Illustration: Robyn Lee]

For some of us, pizza makes the world go round. We're willing to drive miles and cross oceans in search of the perfect pie. We travel into the farthest recesses of our imagination*, probing for understanding. What does it looks like? Does it even exist? How do we get our hands (and mouths) on it?

*Imaginations? Are we many or are we one?

For others, pizza is merely another, albeit delicious*, form of sustenance. They're more than content to snap up a slice from the corner shop next door; it may even be their favorite pizza in the whole wide world. Sure, that slice may not look like a fanatic's perfect pie, but if there's one thing we've learned at Slice, defining great pizza—let alone perfect pizza—is probably the most subjective and controversial undertaking in the history of humankind.

*If you don't like pizza, get out. I'm serious. Don't even look at this page. You disgust me.

Is the perfect pizza naught but a mythical creature after which you gladly give chase, if only for the delicious adventures that accumulate in its wake? Or have you found The One; the pizza about all other pizzas, the pie that simply cannot be improved?

Poll: Have You Found 'The One'?

If you've found your ideal pie, tell us about it in the comments. Or better yet, take a photo and submit to My Best Slice!