March Madness Pizza Discounts: Pizza Hut, Papa John's, Vasectomies, and More!


[Image: Robyn Lee]

March Madness may not be quite as good for business as super bowl season, but pizza chains around the country are definitely milking it for all it's worth. So if you're watching the game—or, in my case, resentfully watching your boyfriend watch the game—now's the prime time to sweeten the deal with a big ol' cheesy pizza pie. Here's how to get the maximum bang for your buck, listed in journalistically objective alphabetical order:

Little Caesar's On April 8, swing by for a free order of Crazy Bread. That is, if a No. 16 seed beat a No. 1 seed in the first game. I have absolutely no idea if this dedication only goes so far.

Papa John's Place one online order of $11 or more and enter the code HOOPS to receive a coupon for a free large pizza, with up to three toppings. The promo code is valid through April 8, and the coupon has to be redeemed by April 28.

Pizza Hut Get any large two-topping pizza for $7.99, or upgrade to unlimited additional toppings for $2, on all carryout orders through April 6.

Sbarro Pick up any extra-large NY style pie for just $9.99. Unclear when this offer ends, but presumably at the close of March Madness.

Or just, ya know, Get a Vasectomy Yeah, we may have mentioned this last year. Well, the very same Cape Cod clinic has been making headlines this week for its...unorthodox...approach to drumming up new clientele. Through April 6, all vasectomies come with a coupon for a large one-topping pizza from Surf's Up Pizza & Seafood. This is the second year that Urology Associates of Cape Cod have made their special March Madness offer; last spring, it accounted for a 22% growth in business.

Here, there's even a video!