Turn Your Pizza Box Into a Solar Oven!


I recently came across an article about a Michigan school district's "Annual Pizza Challenge." Participating students get to make their own pizzas from scratch and bake them in a solar oven. Made out of a pizza box.

No fair, right?!? I did a little digging and found this handy instructional video. Now we can all get in on the action! My Pie Monday: Solar Oven Edition, anyone?

How to Turn a Pizza Box into a Solar Oven

If that wee cardboard box doesn't quite cut it for you, you can always give this insanely awesome DIY solar pizza oven a shot. You'll only need a couple of old doors, a mirror, arm crutches, some granite slabs, cardboard, aluminum foil, a few planks of wood, "basic" carpentry skills, and a place to put the thing. Virtually none of which I have...*

*Feel free to buy me presents / skill sets / a house with a backyard!

How to Build a Solar Pizza Oven