Watch the Craziest Challenges at The World Pizza Games


World Pizza Championships, 2011 [Photograph:]

We've been following this year's International Pizza Expo in great anticipation of the 2013 World Pizza Games. The competition features a range of obscure, vaguely pizza-related categories that are just completely out-of-control awesome. Sure, there's the usual dough tossing (feel free to chime in on our poll), but there are also performances in freestyle acrobatic dough tossing, fastest dough, largest dough stretch, fastest pizza box folding, and a real, live pizza triathlon.*

If you're skeptical about the seriousness of such activities, just take a moment to peruse the event rules and guidelines. It doesn't get more real than this, folks. And we've gathered some of our favorite videos featuring the frenetic activity. The quality may not be stellar, but we're pretty sure you'll be fascinated anyway.

*If anyone finds footage of the triathlon, please share! It's becoming the bane of my existence that I simply can't find evidence that such a marvelous concept actually exists.

Games Overview

Eric Ross Wins 2013 Pizza Acrobatics


2013 Freestyle Acrobatics Master Kazuya Akaogi

In which an anime (?) costume is worn...

Super Zen 2012 Footage

Pizza Box Folding, Lightening Round