Pizza Hut to Hold Speed Interviews at SxSW


Are you a commander of greatness? With strong managerial skills? And a smartphone? That you know how to use? With The Twitter on it? That you tweet with?

Then this may just be your lucky day! Because Pizza Hut is looking to hire a Manager of Greatness. Oh, sorry, Manager of Digital Greatness. Obviously analog greatness is another thing entirely, so don't feel not-great if you don't get the job.

The Hut's latest marketing ploy is headed to SxSW, where the empire plans to hold open 140-second speed interviews to fill a Digital Marketing Manager role. According to Forbes, candidates have been told to bring nothing but identification, a smart phone, and a stellar pitch to the Austin Hilton this Sunday; no resumes, no references, and no suits required.

Wanted: Manager of Greatness

Of course, @pizzahut is just coming to the people. #Becauseyouregreat!