Which Sci-Fi Pizza Cutter is for You?


We told you about ThinkGeek's Star Trek Pizza Cutter ($19.99) back in 2010. But now there's some serious competition in the pizzanerd realm: The recently-released and completely bonkers R2D2 cutter ($19.61) comes ready to bleep-blop away. And just like the real R2D2, it simply won't shut up—no buttons required.

Think your mind is made up? Well, I'm here to tell you that things just got a tad more complicated. Because that Star Trek cutter? It just happens to come in 24 carat(-plated) GOLD. These limited-edition gems are *flying* off the rack at just $99 a pop!

So, will you be cutting your pies à la Star Trek, or Star Wars?

A parting gift...

Star Trek Pizza Cutter