April Fools' Day Pizza Pranks


[Photograph: Domino's Japan]

You know that person who manages to forget it's April Fools' Day every year? And then proceeds to fall for the most transparent ruses? Yeah, that's me. I believe the PC term is "April Fools-Capable," or perhaps "Excitably Optimistic." Or just "Idiot." Here's how to mess with my kind, pizza style.

Pizza in a Can!

Nicely done, Domino's Japan. If I spoke Japanese, I might have actually encountered this announcement and fallen (head over heels) for it. But, alas, it would appear that pizza in a can is still too good to be true. You win again.

Trick "Pizza"

Make one of these or these remarkably deceptive pizza desserts. Or take it up a notch and torture your loved one(s) with strategically placed synthetic pies.

[Photograph: Hatanaka Shop, Japan]


Pretend this is real! Oh wait, it is real. Or is it?

Yeah, no, it's actually real.