Clever New Ways to Eat Your PIzza

These pizza surfaces may not qualify as the most revolutionary or necessary of items, but let's face it. They're pretty darn cool.

For the Traveler

[Photograph: Urban Outfitters]

This collapsible pizza-to-go box from Urban Outfitters ($9.99) starts off completely flat and expands to a two-slice height, divider included. Leftovers just got a little easier to enjoy at your desk, instead of in bed.*

*I can't possibly be the only one...

For Ordering In

[Photograph: GreenBox]

We've talked about the ingenuity behind this design before. GreenBox features a perforated lid, allowing it to be broken down into plates. Even better, the box can still be refolded into a smaller package, to store any unfinished slices. Not a bad move on the eco-friendly front. Then again, there's also this genius contraption:

[Photograph via Gizmodo]

This paper dish pulls part into individual, tabbed plates. The trio behind the concept, Yu Kyung Ha, Won Min Jung, and Kwon Young Hee, won the Red Dot Award for their creation. Want!

For the Host(ess)

Triangular pizza plates, of course! The disposable party variety ($5.47, set of 8):


Or the classy ceramic take ($40, set of 4):

[Photograph: The Awesomer]

For the Gamer

We gave this guy a nod last year, but I could resist doing so again.
[Photograph: via Gizmodo]

Because yeah, it's Russian roulette. With pizza.

For the Cook

[Photograph: Pratilha Project]

I certainly can't speak to the quality of the product itself, but you gotta admit it's a pretty ingenius concept. The project, dubbed Pratilha is a two-tiered ceramic pan specifically designed for the pizza. We'll keep an eye out, should it ever hit stores.