Di Fara to Open New Take-Out Location!

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[Photograph: Nick Solares]

Yesterday, Di Fara, a.k.a (one of) the best pizza joint(s) on planet Earth, announced that they'll be opening a take-out spot later this month. Here's a copy of their Facebook statement:

Di Fara is happy to announce that several doors down we will be opening a tiny take out place offering all our old menu items that so many have been missing. We will have pasta, heros, salad and more. We expect to open mid April. All our products will use the finest and freshest ingredients as we always do at Difara....please, no questions at this time...Will update as we see fit! Thank you....Happy April !

Di Fara, next to MORE Di Fara?! The news comes at an eerily fortuitous time, since I recently received the following message from a Slice'r named Jason:

I got a challenge for you. Go to Di Fara and taste test the other menu items. The heros, the calzones, whatever else he has to offer, I off-hand can't remember the details of the menu but always wanted to try them and have never seen a single person order them, they have to be good right???? Please do a taste test, I and other fanatics I'm sure would be interested.

Sadly, a quick look at the current menu revealed that those items had all been cut. Well, Jason, looks like now we're back in business!

I am struggling so hard to stop myself from filling the rest of this post with endless exclamation points/dancing emoticons/phonetic cries of joy, that I'll just leave you all with this video, instead:

[Video: John & Elana Talk About Food]

Also, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!