Random Acts of Pizza

[Photograph: Screenshot from Reddit]

Once again, pizza proves itself the universal food. One Reddit message board is drawing a little extra attention today, as people around the world post offers to purchase pies for individuals volunteering or displaced by yesterday's Boston Marathon bombing. You can see some of the latest submissions in the photograph above.

Interested in sending some pizza out into the universe? Here's what members of the Random Acts of Pizza message board have to say about their mission:

Random Acts of Pizza exists as part of a sub-community on a website called Reddit.com. It's pretty simple. People post messages on the site, some of those messages are from people wanting to give pizza away and others are from people looking to get a pizza.

There are a million different reasons why people want to give pizza away and just as many for why people want a pizza. That's where the random comes in. You could be looking to help a person out who's in need, or you could be looking to give a pizza away to the first person who drives a green Ford Taurus. Whatever the reason, random pizza means good times had by all.

What do you need to get started? First, you need to be a member of Reddit. It's free to join, but if you're just joining to take part in RAOP, we suggest you also try to dabble in the rest that Reddit has to offer.

Learn more about the message board at RandomActsofPizza.com.