This is What Pizza Hut's Website Looked Like in 1995


Remember the '90s? Or do you just think you do? Case in point: this screenshot of Pizza Hut's website, circa 1995. It's blurry 'cause it's all old 'n' stuff.

The image, posted this week by Business Insider, is pulled from the show "Computer Chronicles," conveniently archived on YouTube.

You can catch the whole episode below—though entirely unrelated to pizza, it's sort of like watching a nature documentary about an alien species, and therefore great. Like pizza! Or just jump to 11:50 to catch Pizza Hut's golden moment of early internet product placement. Which is oddly enough introduced in the context of "web games." Such curious animals...

Warning, the announcer really likes to say The Net.

Computer Chronicles: The Internet


Yup, he said, "And there's the famous Pizza Hut homepage on the web."