What's Up in Pizza: Patrick Stewart's First Slice, Delivery Man's Elevator Scandal, and More!


What I wouldn't give to be that slice.

Pizza is certainly off to an entertaining start this week. But come on! AS IF Patrick Stewart needed to do virtually anything else to worm his way into my heart and melt the core of my very being into a puddle of reverent, space geeky adoration. How he survived this long without pizza, I will never know; now that he's had it...I guess we are soulmates. Well played, Mr. Stewart. Well played. I hope they cut his pie with this guy:

Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

Yes, I know we've nerded out about this guy before. But let's be real. This thing is freakin' brilliant.

Then, of course, there's the viral video of a delivery man in Russia who was caught with his hand in the proverbial cookie jar—or the literal pizza box—thanks to a well-placed elevator camera at the delivery site. The fact that he decides to snack on a customer's pie is actually less remarkable than the practiced speed and grace with which he unzips the bag, opens the box, and plucks his preferred toppings off the pie—all in time to close up shop, stifle a yawn, and then make the delivery. Also, his choice to do all of this in an elevator.

In all seriousness, though, it looks like the guy actually realizes he has the wrong order and decides to eat off the extra topping rather than suffer the consequences.

Snack Time!

Rounding out the headlines is this charming piece on enjoying a good old-fashioned, fresh-from-the-oven cicada pizza. Personally, I'm intrigued. Any takers out there?

Cicada Pizza

[Video via USAToday.com]