Finding the Best Slice on Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles

Slice: Los Angeles

Pizza reviews in the Los Angeles area.

[Photographs: Kelly Bone]

Whether you're visiting Los Angeles for the first time or have lived here your entire life, someday you may find yourself strolling along the Walk of Fame at Hollywood and Highland. Brimming with tourists—flanked by Grauman's Chinese Theatre the Hollywood Wax Museum—it's like a smaller, West Coast version of Times Square. Not the type of place a local would normally hang out. Nonetheless, after a long, long night, I found myself on the Boulevard craving a slice. I randomly chose one of the area's plentiful slice joints and met one of the worst pizzas I've ever had. When people tell me "Los Angeles pizza sucks!" I imagine they've only eaten slices on this strip of Hollywood Blvd. between Cahuenga and Highland.


But don't fret just yet, it's not all bad. In fact, one place is pretty great. During this exploration, there were a few slices I expected to love (I did not) and one place I almost missed that I found oddly enjoyable. Overall, this is a map of the pizza landmines dotting Hollywood Blvd. But it also shows that if you look hard enough, you may uncover a wonderful—or at least passable—slice. See them all in the slideshow, or jump directly to one from the list below.

Slices of Hollywood Boulevard