Hungry Howie's Crust Craze


[Photograph: Hungry Howie's]

Hungry Howie's, 11th largest pizza chain in the U.S., is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. Their plan for spreading the cheer? Ringing in each month with a special, limited-time offer pizza crust flavor.

Howie's promotes itself as the Home of the flavored crust pizza (perhaps a somewhat dubious category to begin with, I think), and according to Pizza Marketplace, this month's choice breaks outside of the more basic Oregano or Garlic box. The potentially controversial crust flavor of August? Barbecue Chip.

Previous off-the-wall options have included Cajun, Spicy Sesame and Ranch—and if you feel like taking your pizza experiment even further, Howie's allows for crust flavor combos.

In the words of Rob Elliott, Howie's VP of Strategic Marketing, "The tangy BBQ Chip flavored crust is a great addition to our flavorful menu and a delicious way for pizza lovers to celebrate the last days of summer." Readers, if any of you happen to swing by a Hungry Howie's location in the next month, please let us know how it goes.

For the full article, head to Pizza Marketplace.