Video: Meet Pizza-La-Kun, Japan's Lively Pizza Mascot


Last week, I featured the sweetly inane Japanese advertisement for the Licca-chan Pizza-La employee doll (think Pizza Hut Barbie). Today, I have the pleasure of following up with another work of Pizza-La genius.

As I mentioned before, Pizza-La is Japan's highest-grossing pizza chain, with locations in almost every part of the country. Their slogan—"All the taste and toppings you want on a pizza, straight from our oven to your door!"—was clearly where the company looked first when it came to finding inspiration for their commercial.

The ad opens with a cheery Pizza-La-Kun leading an ensemble of toppings in a rousing (and frighteningly catchy) pizza-themed chorus. PLK then begins to explain the beautiful, symbiotic relationship between a pizza and its toppings.


Speaking of toppings...what are those? I can pinpoint some usual suspects—garlic, bacon, even pineapple. But what in gods name is that thing in the turban, and the manic white lump at its shoulder?


Do I spy boy and girl ritz crackers? Why have I never encountered that mysterious, triple-orbed green plant before? And is that a chicken bomb? Should any of this be on a pizza?

Watch the Pizza-La Kun Commerical


Somewhat bizarrely ("somewhat" only in relation to the rest of the already bizarre commercial), the segment closes by essentially suggesting pizza is fine, but toppings are what make the pizza. Thoughts?