Poll: Do you Fold your Pizza?


[Photograph: Adam Kuban]

If you're a longtime follower of Slice, you may remember that eons ago (in August of 2009), we decided to put forth one of the most basic questions of pizzadom—to fold, or not to fold? Back then, 60% of you did indeed go for the fold, especially when it came to a proper NY slice. However, Adam wisely pointed out the advice of one commenter, who declared "I have no preference when it comes to folding a slice...I let the slice decide." There's no doubt that each pizza has its own requirements (for example, this question entirely excludes any kind of deep-dish pie)—but does folding change the nature of the slice?

When you choose whether or not to fold, what choice are you really making?

Poll: Do You Fold Your Pizza, or Eat It As Is?