Poll: Are You a White Pie Person?


Salvatore's of Soho's White Pie. [Photograph: Adam Kuban]

It's time for a new poll, but first—last week's results! Out of 971 votes (way to go guys), more than half (56%) were in favor of folding or not folding based on the pizza at hand, while 24% of you are purists who refuse to compromise the slice.

Comments ran the gamut, but one of my favorites came from Dandbuilder, "I just eat pizza till I cannot move no more...I am not going to over think it. Just pizza in my belly." If you're interested in delving deeper into the fold debate, Adam explores the subject more here, and goes over folding technique here.

I was talking pizza preferences with my sister recently, and we eventually came around to the not-often-ordered white pie. White pies tend to play second fiddle, generally enjoying a less exalted status in the pizza community. If you're unfamiliar with white pies—until recent years, they're mostly been an East Coast phenomenon—they're tomato sauce-free, often loaded with ricotta and mozzarella and topped with garlic and olive oil. It was our consensus that in the right hands, these blank canvases can pack just as much flavor as their red brethren.

So, Slice'rs, when it comes to the white pie, where do you fall?

Poll: Are You a White Pie Person?