Video: Time Lapse POV Pizza-Making


Carlos in action. [Photograph: Carlos Solorzano Jr.]

We all love eating pizza, but many of us are complete novices when it comes to making it ourselves (though to be sure, there are a number of you who are clearly very accomplished pizzaioli!). Regardless of your skill level, this POV-video, which spans shaping the dough to boxing the pie, gives some nice insight to the pizza-creation-process.

The video comes to us courtesy Carlos Solorzano (not to be confused with the Guatemalan playwright), of Solorzano Bros. Pizza in Sarasota, Florida. Solorzano filmed, edited, and uploaded the entire thing, all within an hour or so of his usual pizza-making duties in the shop. Carlos is a third-generation pizzaiolo, and has been tossing pies since he was twelve. Check out their Facebook page for a closer look at some finished pies!

Watch the Video