Video: This PizzaCat Has Crazy Eyes

Crazy Pizza Cat Video


I stumbled across this brand new video today, and it instantly improved my work-numbed mood—a moment of absurdity to get us all through these last days until the weekend.

People tend to hate cats or love them (in real life or in their internet-induced superstardom), but whatever your feelings cats objectively do get down to some pretty weird and funny sh*t.

Case in point—Chris D's slice addict. In his own words, "Cat stole pizza. Growled and hissed when caught." The cat in question spends the length of the video suspended in mid-air desperately clinging, fang and claw, to its prize. It's an entertaining half-minute window into cat madness—but in this particular pizza-driven instance, what's not to love?

Crazy Pizza Stealing Cat

[Video: Chris D]

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