Game of Pizza: The Battle for Chain Dominance

US Pizza Chain Map

[Photograph: FlowingData]

Those of us in the know (i.e. devoted pizza eaters) are probably already aware of the subtle flow of politics, the give and take dynamics that surround the existence of our nation's various pizza chains.

Gawker's Foodspin has cast that struggle for pizza dominance in an epic (Game of Thrones) light, taking up new data maps to illustrate the nationwide distribution of some of pizzadom's heavy hitters.

"Welcome to Game of Pizza, where you win—or die". The current battlefield breakdown? Pizza Hut leads nationally, with Domino's right behind. Papa John's predominates in the east central area, while Godfather's is popular in the Midwest. Little Caesar's makes a strong showing in California and Michigan, and Papa Murphy's reigns in the northwest. With sparser coverage, Chuck E. Cheese, CiCi's, and Sbarro are the runners-up in this game, playing the role of bannermen in our Westerosian fictionalization of American pizza.

Clearly the specific concentrations of pizza chains in the United States owe something to where all of these places were founded (although I have no clue why Godfather's—started in Nebraska—has such a strong presence in Florida). For the full breakdown and chain vs. chain comparisons, head to the original post on FlowingData.

(And while we're on the subject of pizza and maps and might as well check out Eater's Pizza Heatmap, for their list of the current hottest 24 pizzerias across the US.)

Staunchly in support of a particular pizza House? Bitterly opposed to another? Let us know how you feel about your regional chain favorites in the comments!