Bottoms Up: This Week's Pizza Weirdness

Pizza Cocktail Trattoria Neapolis

Pizza Cocktail [Photograph: Chris Jolly]

Trattoria Neapolis is an Italian bistro in Pasadena, passion project of Perry Vidalakis, who is so devoted to authenticity that he imported his wood-burning oven directly from Naples (they had to reinforce the floors in his restaurant to support it). According to LA Weekly, as a celebratory nod to Pizza Month, they're currently offering a fairly...unique sounding cocktail alongside their more standard fare.

The "Pizza Cocktail" is a "scarily accurate" concoction, containing tomato water, basil-infused vodka, ghost-pepper infused vodka, porcini powder, muddle basil, and a topping of Parmesan and mozzarella foam. Now, I'm always willing to be proved wrong, but for a gal who likes her drinks simple and her pizza un-liquified...well, I'm not sure I'll be lining up to sample this libation any time soon (their pizza on the other hand looks fantastic).

Across the pond, food safety inspectors (reacting to a recent horsemeat scandal) have begun examining products in earnest. The Daily Mail, reports that one pizza they investigated (brand unknown) contained 35 ingredients from 60 different countries. The results confirmed just how difficult it can be to verify the origins of a single food item in an era of globalization.

In this particular case, the pizza box was labeled "Country of Origin: Ireland". What were the ingredients, and where did they actually come from?

Dough: France, UK, Poland, U.S.A.
Yeast: U.K., Ireland, Germany
Salt: U.K., France, China
Sugar: Brazil, Indonesia, Jamaica, U.K.
Herbs: Greece, Italy, Spain, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Morocco
Tomato Paste: Italy, France, Netherlands
Cheese: Switzerland, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, U.K., Netherlands
Chicken: Brazil, Ireland, U.K., Netherlands, Germany
Anchovies: Peru, Argentina, Italy, Falkland Islands, Spain, Iceland, Denmark
Pepperoni: Poland, Italy, Ireland, U.K., Denmark, U.S.A.
Vegetables: "From a host of Mediterranean countries"
Olive Oil: Italy, Greece, Spain
Chili Peppers: Africa, Asia, South America

This isn't to say that there's anything inherently wrong with importing ingredients (some of the best pies do), but there's something to be said for keeping things simple...also, chicken and anchovies on a single pie?

What do you think? Can you envision kicking back and relaxing with a pizza cocktail and 35-ingredient slice?