Poll: How Do You Plan to Celebrate Pizza Month 2013?

Pizza Month Poll 2013

Motorino Lunch Special [Photograph: Adam Kuban]

My dudes and dudettes—it's officially Pizza Month here in the good ol' U.S.A (and in Canada too!), so let's get it on. Except, first, lets take a quick look back at the stellar response to last week's poll!

We had an outstanding turnout last time—1,054 votes! Clearly people are passionate about their soda choice. Nearly 52% went classic and voted for Coke (or Pepsi), while ginger beer/root beer/ginger ale took runner up with 19%. I foolishly left out birch beer from that second option (which is ridiculous, I love it), but it was a popular mention in the comments, along with Dr. Pepper.

But now! It's October—October signals the onset of plenty of awesome...the beginning of pumpkin flavored anything, leaves starting to turn, sweaters, Halloween. Perhaps most significantly, it's also PIZZA MONTH. Not that we need any excuse to celebrate pizza, but if you were looking for a way to rationalize some exceptional splurges? Your response to naysayers is now "Whatever man, it's pizza month".

The nature of those splurges is more or less my question this week: How do you plan to let your crazy out for Pizza Month?

How Do You Plan to Celebrate Pizza Month 2013?