Poll: What Beer Do You Like to Drink With Your Pizza?

Poll Beer with Pizza

[Photograph: Robyn Lee]

We've already chewed our way through a good chunk of Pizza Month, so there's a chance a fair number of you are currently in the throes of your poll response: how to celebrate pizza this October? If not, there's still some time before the month draws to a close, so get on it! And then, presumably (as an avid Slice reader), keep celebrating and enjoying pizza anyway.

152 of you voted—so which option won out as the best way to pay homage to the pie? Actually making them took first place, with 42% of the votes, which I am thrilled by, because I can only assume it means I'll get to drool over the results in our upcoming My Pie Monday. Turning the dial up to 11 and engaging in all-out Piemageddon took second place with 24%, and was also my personal choice: hellooo pizza coma!

In the poll before that one, I wondered what sodas you most preferred to drink alongside a hot slice. The undeniable winner then was good ol' fashioned cola, with nearly 600 votes. This time, it's all about that sweet liquid gold: beer. Whether you like it hoppy or malty, dark or light, nearly all of us enjoy a good brew alongside our pies. So Slicer's—which is your favorite? Which type of beer do you most enjoy with pizza?

What Beer Do You Like to Drink With Your Pizza?

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