Poll: Which Candy Would You Eat On Pizza?


[Photograph: Robyn Lee]

In the previous, thematically appropriate poll, I wanted to know how you feel about pumpkin and squash on pizza. I had recently eaten a delicious pumpkin-topped pie myself, and seen quite a few popping up in the latest rounds of My Pie Monday—plus it's fall!—so it seemed like a good time to ask.

351 offered your votes, with some pretty evenly split results. 24% agree (with me, that is)—pumpkin and squash, either as a sauce base or sliced and roasted on top, can be a great way to make use of seasonal produce on a pizza. The runner-ups, with 22%, were those who like it well enough in baked goods but draw the line at a pizza topping. The comments this time produced a nice mix of antagonists and enthusiasts—check them out for some tasty sounding ways to use pumpkin/squash on pizza (or to rally with your fellow haters).

So, on to today's topic. Pizza and candy. Each delicious, each their own, wonderful, unique gustatory experience. But together? I'm...not so sure. My initial response is to fight my own gag reflex. I like to consider myself an open minded person though, so in that vein I decided to think about it—which candy would I be most willing to eat on top of a pizza? Is there any version of reality where this could be tasty, or is it just a nightmare to even think about?*

How about it? Which type candy is the least disgusting as a pizza topping?

Which Candy Would You Eat On Pizza?

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