The Daily Meal's '101 Best American Pizzas'

Daily Meal 101 Best Pizzas 2013

The quest to narrow down, to pick the best of the best—ultimately pretty impossible (at least in any universally satisfying way), but that doesn't mean we don't keep trying! This time, The Daily Meal has picked their 101 top pizzas in America.

"Pizza is about as varied and beloved a genre, as opinionated a subject, and also as accessible a food as there is." The Daily Meal's crack at culling out the best American pies for 2103 is lengthy—they considered over 400 pizzas, from all across the country. Ideally they tasted each pizzeria's signature pie, but failing that, margheritas were picked as a baseline for judgment; and those judgments were passed by a panelist of 46, most of whom chose to remain anonymous.

Of those 101 pies, 30 were from New York (including Long Island)—but only 3 NYC pizzas made the top 10, and two of those were in Brooklyn! Connecticut and California also snagged multiple spots in the top 10. The Daily Meal view of 'American Pizza'? Great pies can be found everywhere, but it's still easiest to find them in the tried and true cities: New Haven, NYC, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Check out the full list for the total breakdown—which pies were eaten where, and how they rank.

What do you have to say about the list? Did your favorite slice joint make the cut?